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Introduction to Entrepreneurship
(Duration: 5:00:00)
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12 months
Having an entrepreneurial spirit and a good idea is a great foundation to starting your own business. But you may need a bit more to succeed. This course explores the different aspects of entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs create and establish successful new ventures. It reviews issues and activities involved in starting a new business, including the decisions that must be made before an enterprise can be launched and established.
    • Describe the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
    • Outline the eight stages of the entrepreneurial process
    • Explain the discovery stage
    • Describe the evaluation of the market for a new venture
    • Outline ways to structure the venture
    • Discuss the strategic planning process for an entrepreneur
    • Describe the operational and financial planning needed for a new venture
    • Outline how an entrepreneur develops and employs a business plan
    • Describe the options for funding the new venture
    • Discuss issues in implementing the plans for a new venture
    • Recognize the ethical issues faced by entrepreneurs
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